Sea of Thieves Play Anywhere FAQ

Ahoy ye scurvy dogs! Raise the anchor, unfurl yer sails, belay the ties, and quaff yer grog in preparation for adventure on the high seas! Gather yer mates, hop online, and plunder the distant beautiful coasts of the Sea of Thieves!


But avast matey! Sea of Thieves is full of mystery and danger and a pirate who is not prepared can be dancing the hempen jig before they know it and find themselves stuck in Davy Jones’ Locker! In preparation for the long journey ahead we have gathered together all the old sea dogs’ knowledge so that ye may make it handsomely in yer travels.

For a recap & update regarding the launch of Sea of Thieves on Xbox One and Windows 10, please check out the Sea of Thieves Launch Status Update.


Q: What kind of game is Sea of Thieves?

A: Sea of Thieves is a shared world adventure game (or SWAG) with crew co-operation at its core, designed to let you be the kind of pirate you want to be. Want to follow maps and solve riddles to find legendary treasure? Assemble the mightiest, most fearsome crew to sail the seas? Set a course for the horizon and just explore? In Sea of Thieves, you can pursue whatever adventure your salty heart desires.


Q: When can I get my hands on it?

A: Sea of Thieves will begin releasing for Xbox One and Windows 10 PC for all regions except China on March 20th, 2018. Or, on March 19th if you have preordered the game through the console or Microsoft store. For a more in-depth look at times for release be sure to check the launch page.


Q: Where can I get my hands on the game?

A: The game is featured in the store on the console, the Microsoft store on your Windows 10 PC, and on the Microsoft store website.


Q: Will Sea of thieves be available through Xbox Game Pass at launch?

A: Yes! Like all future first-party Xbox exclusives, Sea of Thieves will be added to the Xbox Game Pass library on launch day, offering yet another way to play. Find out more in this Xbox Wire post.

Q: Is Sea of Thieves a Play Anywhere title? What does that mean?

A: Sea of thieves is indeed a Play Anywhere game. This means that DLC, achievements and progress will carry over between Xbox One and Windows 10 when signed into the same Microsoft account/Gamertag. More info is available on the Play anywhere support page.

Q: What will I need to play Sea of Thieves on my Xbox One console?

A: As the game’s core feature is online multiplayer you would need to have an active Xbox Live Gold subscription and internet connection to the console or PC.


Q: The game is Play Anywhere; would I need Xbox Live Gold to play on my Windows 10 PC as well?

A: No, you will be able to sign in on your Windows 10 PC with the same account that purchased it and install the game from the Microsoft store. Once installed you can play online freely.


Q: What kind of system requirements will the game have for my Windows 10 PC?

A: As shown on the Sea of Thieves store page the game will have the following System requirements:



OS                          Windows 10 Anniversary

Processor            Intel Q9450 @2.6 GHz or AMD Phenom II X6 @ 3.3 GHz

RAM                      4GB

VRAM                   1GB

GPU                       Nvidia GeForce GTX 650 or AMD Radeon 7750

DirectX                 11



OS                          Windows 10 Anniversary

Processor            Intel i5 4690 @ 3.5GHz or AMD FX-8150 @ 3.6 GHz

RAM                      8GB

VRAM                   4GB

GPU                       Nvidia GeForce GTX 770 or AMD Radeon R9 380x

DirectX                 11


Q: Can I play the game solo?

A: Absolutely, but be prepared for a challenge! At launch we have large ships designed for collaborative crews of four, and smaller ships designed for one or two players.


Q: Is there a campaign mode for Sea of Thieves?

A: There is no predetermined narrative path through Sea of Thieves. To become a Pirate Legend, you undertake voyages and complete quests for the in-game companies at your own pace and preference.


Q: Will Sea of Thieves be Xbox One X enhanced?

A: It will indeed! The game will feature Xbox One X Enhanced content, 4K Ultra HD resolution, and High Dynamic Range (HDR) graphics. Be sure to check out the Xbox One X enhanced titles list for more info on Sea of Thieves and other titles.


A pirate always counts the coin they have plundered, and one should know exactly how much treasure there is to be had prior to beginning a voyage! For info on bonus content and promotions take a gander below!


Q: What pre-order bonuses exist for Sea of Thieves?

A: If you preordered Sea of Thieves you will receive the Black Dog Pack which will be delivered in your console messages shortly before launch!


Q: What's the Black Dog Pack and how do I get it?

A: The Black Dog Pack is a set of in-game items exclusive to players who pre-order Sea of Thieves – more details are available on our pre-order page. (Note that this does not apply to general Xbox Game Pass purchases. If pre-ordering through a retailer and not through the official Xbox or Windows Store, please check if the Black Dog Pack is included.)



Q: What if I purchased the Limited-edition controller?

A: For those that purchased the Sea of Thieves Limited edition controller you will receive codes with the purchase for the following:


  • The Sea of Thieves “Ferryman Clothing Set”
  • One month of Xbox Live Gold
  • One month of Xbox Game Pass


Q: Are there other promotions or extra content for the release?

A: There are several promotions available through third parties and products. Check out the list below:


  • Sea of Thieves Midnight Blunderbuss DLC comes with the purchase of a Seagate 2TB Game drive for Sea of Thieves.
  • Sea of Thieves Onyx Pack DLC comes with the purchase of Chips Ahoy select products.
  • Sea of Thieves Pioneers Preview which is exclusive to Sea of Thieves Pioneers (via
  • Sea of Thieves Mercenary Pack available with select 3M Xbox Live Gold subscriptions at your local retailers.
  • Sea of Thieves Ebon Flintlock DLC for MixPot winners during the Inside Xbox broadcast on March 10th (For more info be sure to post to the Promotions Forums).

Q: What is The Quest for the Golden Bananas?

A: For more info, be sure to check out the Quest’s website at


Choosing the Pirates life is no easy decision and the ocean is vast and full of danger! Take heed of the Old Sea Dog’s tales and be prepared before raising anchor! Remember dead folk tell no tales!

Here are a few tips to get ye started and guide ye to fame and fortune!


When first entering the game, you can start on an Island and not on your ship!

If this happens be sure to look about your surroundings as the ship will be close by, usually docked near a merchant on a pier.


There are all kinds of things to do and folk to talk to in Sea of Thieves.

Spend some time exploring the port Islands and speak with all the locals, some of them may send you on a Voyage or two!


When a storm hits and the ship sinks, other pirates maroon you on an island, or you find yourself overboard and your fellow pirates seem to have forgotten you, fear not! 

When lost at sea or missing your ship look about in the water and find the green smoke being released into the air by a Mermaid, approach and you will be prompted to return to your ship. This will happen any time the ship is sunk or you find yourself too far away.


Once you have collected some Voyages you might wonder what you should do with them.

Return to your ship with your crew mates and access the Captains table in the cabin to lay out the Voyage you propose to take next! You and your fellow Pirates can then vote on any voyages placed on the table. The one with the most votes wins!


The locals want me to catch chickens?

Tracking down these pesky fowl can be a bit confusing at first, but explore the greener islands close to your home port as they often sport several kinds of wildlife. Once you locate the one you are looking for grab it! Be sure to bring the cage with you as you will need it in hand to capture them.


Your first trip out into open water can be a bit daunting, the sailing of a ship is no simple task.

Check out the boat before casting off, the sails will have a couple of controls. One control to furl and unfurl and one to change the sails angle. Aim your sails into the wind and control your speeds with the length of the sail. Always have a fellow pirate on the lookout for rocks, no need to sink the ship before reaching the waves. Communication is key to the success of a pirate crew.


My crew keep locking me in The Brig (jail) as soon as I respawn, how do I stop this?

There is no way to prevent a crew from locking you in The Brig as this is a process that is voted on – the easiest way to overcome this is to sign out of the game and rejoin, therefore joining a different crew.

Or try speaking with your crew mates and see if there is a reason you keep ending up in the brig.


Well you warned me… I’m stuck in Davy Jones’ Locker.

Fear not Davy doesn’t want you there either, simply wait out the respawn time and the door to the cabin of the ship will open and reveal a portal back to your ship and you will be alive once more.


Whilst traveling the high seas one does occasionally get marooned far from port and need assistance from a passerby. Check out our support tips below!


Q: Why am I having issues installing the game on my Windows 10 PC?

A: Be sure to follow the Sea of Thieves PC Install instructions, and then reach out to support if you still run into issues.


Q: When playing the game, I am getting a “beard” error; what does this mean?

A: Sea of Thieves has a “beard” error message for any in-game errors experienced, along with a brief description of what it means& how to action it. A full list can be found on the support site.


Q: I’m having problems hearing my friends while playing cross-play on Xbox One and Windows 10, what can I do?

A: The Cross-Play support page has great troubleshooting steps we recommend trying if you can’t hear other friends while playing.


Q: I played on Windows 10 but I’m unable to continue playing on Xbox One, what’s up with this?

A: There can be a delay between the game being closed and saved on Windows 10, and when it’s available to continue on Xbox One. Be sure to take a quick break from sailing and stretch those legs on solid land before trying again.


Q: Why am I having weird graphical issues or stuttering when I know I meet the requirements?

A: As the game is new and takes advantage of the latest technology be sure to check that all your video drivers are up to date and working properly.


Q: Where can I find out more about the game?

A: You can find out more about the game over at the Sea of Thieves official website, There’s a whole host of content over on their official YouTube channel, Want to interact with the team? Find their official social channels at:


If you have any Support related questions regarding Sea of Thieves, go ahead and create a new support post here in the Sea of Thieves forum to receive help from the community or select a contact method here at our Contact Us page.


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