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When playing anyother game the screen is fine, picture is great.. when playing battlefield 3 the screen is not a full screen it is 16.9 which misses the top and bottom of the screen.. and then 4.3 which misses a huge square around the picture... can anyone help me put it to a full screen please! ive tried to change it on the TV settings but doesnt let me, plus on battlefield 3 it doesnt really let me change much. its a 42inch, LG 42PT353K (if anyone needs it).




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try going under Options - Video - Adjust Screen Size

That just adjusts the position of the icons Fear mate , your health etc can be moved in or out

Sme11...........the y did that too save on memory when developing the game ,  its not actually 1280x720 its 1280x704 , they took 8 pixels from the top and bottom and gained more memory for textures etc (obviously only on the console version) you'll have to adjust your tv or set it too auto scaling (if it has thast setting) too get rid of them , either that or live with it , i dont really notice anymore

The game asked for adjustments when I first was booting it up on release day. A few adjustments then and nothing since. I have a full screen picture in game and its a 50 plasma.

Yea just go to the options and adjust screen.

i have gone to screen adjust and it still comes up with the arrows which still leaves the huge gaps.. have gone through the TV settings played around with 16.9 / 4.3 and still nout... i didnt get any promt either to change settings. ill have a look around on dashboard maybe ? but its the full screen on there too ? any other suggestions guys ?

Thanks for the replys soo far

fixed it, went on the My xbox on dashboard, console settins and then fiddled with the display

holly *** thanks man!!!! sm311 my finger! :) my hd looks so much better also.