Screen locks but game continues after a long pause. Possible conflict with Snap TV?

Since GTA V takes a while to load, I usually have TV Snapped when I start GTA V.  I'll switch between Snapped TV and Unsnapped TV while playing GTA V without a problem.  But when I put the game on pause for a long time (say over an hour because I'm watching TV) and try to resume the game, the screen remains where I last left it and it doesn't change, but the map shows I can move around and do everything.  Basically, the game continues but I can only see a still picture of where I left it last.  I've tried so many things like get into cars, change perspective and change characters, but the screen is frozen on the same frame.  The only way to play GTA V again is to restart the console.

Anyone else experience this?  Any suggestions on unfreezing the screen besides rebooting the console?


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I have the same problem if console has been in standby for a while. I do this, not ideal either: