Scratches on skyrim inner bit of the disc

hi i was playing o my ipod and put it near my xbox and it activated the eject disc button while i was discovering the uses for crimson nimroots and it ejected the disc, i loaded it back on but when i clicked continue and then a it keeps getting stuck at the loading screen and it just stays there loading up new bits of info, i checked the disc and there seems to be scratches on the inner circle of the disc how did this happen was it because of the eject button being hit by my ipod and i was wondering is there a way to solve this problem without buying a new disc cus my friend said his black ops disc got scratched alot and all he did was load up a friends completel scratch g=free disc and it load up the game he then put in his game and it worked would this work for me please help i cant live without skyrim?


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just to add to things, be careful about that plastic hole/ring on the disc itself  that secures the discs to the case they come in.  Once that piece cracks and chips, it throws the disc out of balance and will be unreadable.  I have every one of my games loaded to my HDD, but it still needs to spin up to verify its a legit disc.  Best to minimize the wear and tear of that piece on the disc and keep your games in a case logic sleeve for CD's or something.  I had a MW2 disc utterly fail this way, and my skyrim is starting to show signs of cracking 

This happened to my BF3 MP disk late last April, I just phoned EA about it last month an they are sending me the entire set for $20 across the Border! that's cheap, its called a warranty replacement, didn't even need to send them the scratched one, I told them that I tossed it in the trash, all I was looking for was to re-buy the one MP disk at face value and they offered me the 2 at re-placed warranty price.. maybe bethesda has the same policy??

Yeah, installing it to your hard drive should help you, but if that doesn't then you will have to buy a new copy of the game.

Try installing it to your hard drive. Because my halo: reach disc has the same scratches and it wouldn't load any maps online. After i installed it, it words perfectly fine.