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SCP: Containment Breach is an indie survival/horror game where your a test subject inside an underground lab containing monsters that break the laws of physics. During a test, everything goes haywire and every monster is set loose throughout the lab. With running as your only defense, you must escape the lab, without getting killed by a concrete monster that moves when your not looking, or a teleporting man taking you to a hellish realm known as the Pocket Dimension. I really love this game, it's given me lots of thrills and chills, but it doesn't run well on my dinky laptop. I think it would be really cool if this game was available for free on the Xbox Live Arcade, i'm sure it would get at least a thousand downloads. Tell me what you think of this idea, and if somebody has the capability to send this idea to Microsoft, please do.


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microsoft wouldn't let the game be free.

i heard that scpcb will have a shiny new update. when iheard this i imagined a console version. but regalis has to be on the boat too. i just fear that ms wil make this paid, but look at WOT

They should have it on xbox live arcade for under $5