Which scorestreaks do you run? What are your thoughts On them?

personally I run UAV, CP and sentry Gun. The main reason was because I was Having connection issues seriously getting A K/D of .3. Now at worse I do around 1, With a good connection 2-3. My main problem is the scorestreaks looping. I can't count how Many CP I've lost from not using them. I have looped around My sentrygun 3 times, losing 2 (not a good place To use them so I save them) . I don't like Losing something I've earned, but whatever.

As for the streaks themselves... I've had my sentrygun Score 10 kills before... but its easily Countered so it could get none. But meanwhile The swarm averages 10 kills for me. Same with dogs. Are they really worth 3 times more than A sentry? At least you're pretty much guaranteed Those kills.

also, dragonfire? I average 2 kills With it. Awful. Deathmachine and warmachine Are "meh " at best...



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run support kill streaks  or a stealth chopper --deadly

i do UAV, Lightning Strike, and Hellstorm missile.  or in early prestige, uav, care package and lightning strike.  I usually don't get a much higher scorestreak, so anything higher would be pretty pointless for me.  I like how care package gives me things to experiment with I wouldn't unlock on my own, but sometimes just gives me a 2nd UAV.  whoopie...

uav, lightning strike, vsat

UAV, care package, lightning strike.

That's why I like to hold on to my care packages until I die. Then I usually pull out my anti air engineer class.


call in the care package after dying then reroll if it isn't great. I'll then take the opportunity to clear out some enemy scorestreaks.


but like I said, when you're on a roll, that can backfire. I've started calling them in regardless of whether I have the engineer perk or not. I'd rather get a uav or an RC car than nothing at all.

 Depends on the mood. usually  either uav/hk/cp  or  hk/cp/ls


   I like running the hunter killer and care package together. I throw the hk straight up in the air, hoping it will help protect me while I get my package.


    I never really liked cp's in previous releases. Either I'd get killed and lose it, or it wasnt anything good.   But I've got to say I have pretty good luck with both those issues.


   What was ticking me off yesterday was playing nuketown, and 3 times I threw out a marker in our spawn, got killed and the spawns flipped. I lost all 3 of those to the enemy.


    I normally get good stuff in them though. Much better than I would earn that frequently.

On Ground War I use UAV, Hunter Kill & Care Package, but during the x2 EXP on Nuketown I have been using UAV, Hunter Killer & Lightning Strike/War Machine.

I play domination, so I can't speak to other game types... but EVERYTIME I die trying to retrieve a care package, I'll spawn halfway if not all the way across the map. I'm assuming that's on purpose.

CP's stress me out.  For objective games I like uav, agr, stealth or agr, stealth, dogs if I'm feeling froggy.  If I'm playing team I use the uav, hunter, and lightning.

when you are killed trying to retrieve a care package it will spawn you awy from the c/p because it means there are enemies near the c/p i reckon

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