Scorestreak warnings

Is it just me or anyone else having issues  with warnings

have not DL  revo yet as i think its a waste  to be honest  but since the update  ive been having weird issues with score streak warnings

is this a glitch or a hack/mod

Last night in game 3 times  i got "enemy uav inbound" 5 secs later killed by either hunter killer drone or lightning strike.

hit re-spawn look up no UAV in the air  and no  msg to say it had been destroyed either  few maps later  running across  the round garden area in raid and with no warning  boom hunter killer drone  2 mins later boom hunter killer drone  with no pre warning and no targeted beeping that you normally get when one has u in sights 

So as above  poor patch, glitch or hack/mod


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Eem...glitch caused by a poor patch I suppose, if those are my only options. Who would put their Xbox Live account at risk just to make a hunter killer sound like a UAV?

Anyways, lightning strike / hunter killer and other messages always appear to come in late, alot of times even after you're dead. It's been going on since the release really. And as for the UAV's, maybe a teammate took them out / you just can't find them for some reason.

Lag. I've been killed by hunter killer to then spawn to hear the warning. I've noticed this a few times and usually when there a terrible host.

yeah, lots of issues since the update.  getting hit by lightning strikes without them even saying it.  No incoming HK drone sound.  I thought I would never say this but, I think this is the worst COD to date as far as lag.

there have been issues since the weekend update but scorestreaks are not always announced ....

sometimes you hear enemy uav and you look up to shoot them down and there are 2 or 3 up there 

same with the h/k drone especially if the enemy releases it close by you

other times you die and re spawn and the announcer says enemy lightning strike