score per minute

i was wondering what  is a good score per minute

my scores in 

domination     ---  219.69

kill confirmed ---- 261.3

tdm                 ----- 208.61

bear in mind these scores were achieved in barebone mode so they are all gun on gun no kill streak were used


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I don't know what my spm is as I've not hot access to my computer until later. As for KS I don't know if they count because I used to use UAV and counter UAV in Blops to get a high weekly spm, it didn't seem to make a difference. I suppose the ones that get kills will count though. If anyone wants to check my spm for domination feel free.

Over 200 is well above average, or that was in BOs. I havent checked SPM in MW3.

caster  i can  not access your profile on elite

uneasy  your spm is  226.75    

you cap a lot of flags uneasy   11250 ----2620 games

i thought i capped a lot  4880-----1230 games 


Where on Elite do you find SPM?  I can find my SPM broken down by map, but no other way.

Nevermind I figured it out.  Also I find it funny that my SPM is highest in TDM.  Wasn't that way in Blops.  

Can you post it for others anyway, BEASTmmb?  I'm curious as well.  Didn't know this game was smart enough to track SPM.


EDIT: Yeah Uneasy is a Domination beast.  He caps flags relentlessly, love playing with him and Jagriff haha.

When you are on the career page on Elite, scroll down to the leaderboard tracker.  Click on either core or hardcore and it will list the different gametypes.  Click on one and it shows your stats in that gametype which includes SPM.

@Bullet The TR0Y in my GT has a zero in it,something I didn't know myself until I spoke to MS support.

From my statistics of kills, caps and defends, roughly for every 10 people I kill I cap and defend 1 flag. I think that's right, 160k kills 15k + caps and 15k + defends. A lot of games though if people don't move from their spawn the whole game I would of only capped 1 flag, that's B, my first port of call at the start of the game.

In Blops my spm  was about 180ish, I mainly played tdm and didnt get into dom until later in the year. although towards the end when I was really into it, I used have weekly spm if about 300.

Awesome, I had gotten to the Leaderboard Tracker but didn't try clicking on the gametypes.  Thanks!


My all-time SPM are:


FFA - 241.97

TDM - 339.92

Dom - 288.57

KC - 391.92

Team Defender - 407.93


I haven't played more than a game or two of any of the other gametypes so I can't really speak for those.  I'm actually surprised that Dom is so low compared to the others.  Ah well.  Also, I'm Top 5% all time for Domination and FFA, woot

^ Im top 1% in both TDM and FFA.  Funny thing is that I've never played a single game of FFA.  

* Please try a lower page number.

* Please enter only numbers.

* Please try a lower page number.

* Please enter only numbers.