Scenery and good conversations?

Looking for people that are laid back, open minded and won't call me "F*g" every 5 seconds. 


Above many things, in videogames I love to stand on rooftops or cliffs, take in the scenery, watch the horizon, find easter eggs, etc. just relaxe. And it's even better when there's someone else to enjoy it too! I just get really tired of being called unpleasant things and being shot in the back of the head, subsequently falling off of said roof/cliff. Tends to ruin the mood.


That's not to say I don't enjoy adventures - My favorite activity is jumping off of said rooftops/cliffs, but I prefer when it's voluntary, and when I didn't just get shot off of it and teabagged when I hit the ground.


Same goes for driving cars at breakneck speeds and crashing intentionally like a Metallica video, I love it, but it just annoys me when someone shoots me in the face seconds before I hit the ramp, and then calls me something sophomoric and teabags the shattered windshield.

Or when 10 year olds call me "Kid" ... That's always a laugh.


I mean, I'm not boring either - I turn into an all-out Super Mutant whenever I get my hands on a machine gun. But only sometimes.


So if you're fairly mature, no matter your age, gender, country, whatever; If you like to explorerelaxe, have jackass-esque adventures and suicide-bomb douchebags(when necessary), hit me up!


Games in mind: Saints Row(any), GTA IV, Red Dead Redemption, Battlefield 1943, Left 4 Dead 2, and possibly Minecraft(also Total Miner, Fortresscraft, and Murder Miners).


Oh and I prefer to play without cheats/mods. They're fun sometimes but eventually they just get annoying.

Add me, or post here and I'll add you when I get a chance.


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Hey how are you :) you sound just the type of person I like to game with! I tend to spend time looking at scenery which, unfortunately, results in me dying in whatever game I am playing lol!! :D I have sent you a FR :)

Haha. Awesome. :D

I`ve spent many an evening on RDR just riding round exploring and enjoying the scenery. Think there has even been times when I`ve not  fired a single shot all session.

It`s something I have a tendency to do when I get a little tired of being killed all the time.

Far Cry 3 had that effect on me. I just kept running through the forests or took a swim in the ocean. I didn't mind getting eaten by wild dogs, tigers, or sharks. It was all worth it.

You seem like my kind of gamer... sometimes (I also enjoy winning, or rather, I hate losing) :D Feel free to add me.

Paraffin - Yup! I don't think there's been a time I haven't fired a shot, but usually it's at objects; Bottles, lanterns, cowskulls, whatever. Friendly mode is a great feature.


Louie - Yeah, animals are usually more forgivable. ;]


Saytan - Heheh, I don't mind losing, but I ALWAYS take my enemy down with me. They may've killed me first, but I get the last laugh.