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Hey guys, I'm an active player of Grand Theft Auto V and I literally only recently came across the Xbox Forums for GTA V.

Well, anyway, I think that it's a good idea to post some good, valid tips, tricks and techniques that you've picked up on Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online.

Some rules, to keep it clean:

- Do not post glitches, modifications or game exploitations here. They ruin the game and quite frankly are just plain wrong.

- Don't spam posts - if you want to add more tips, edit your pre-existing posts and we can go from there.

- Don't disrespect another person if you aren't happy with their contribution. They're trying to help out just as much as you!


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Tips in Grand Theft Auto Online:

In the Content Creator, you can actually get inside buildings which would usually be locked in multiplayer but usable in Single Player. To do this, simply find the building you wish to enter and hover over the door which would usually open.

(For this example, I will use Michael's House). 

You need to go to his back doors in the garden, hover over the two doors with the placement tool and simply hit "Change Camera View" which will place your GTA character into his house. You can then place spawn points, weapons, team spawn points and more inside the house. To then unlock the entire house, simply hit "Test" which will place NPC enemies inside the house. You will now be able to walk out of the garage, back doors and even the front door.

You can publish and save this as a deathmatch and access it with friends for roleplaying/deathmatches or whatever else you may need to.


Here's a link to a few jobs which I published for the purpose of this tutorial:

Enter the Vinewood Bank Vault

Enter the Paleto Bay Bank 


Enter the DeSanta Home 


Enter Franklin's Rockford Hills Mansion 


Hey very good work keep it up.

This is handy for getting out of sticky situations .GTA V Leave Car Engine Running .

Tips of the Week #1:

If you actually have problems ranking up, join a Team Deathmatch on Concrete. For a 10 minute game you will make the following, assuming you have at least four players per team:

  • 4,000 Respect Points
  • $20,000 GTA$
  • 15 JP

That seems a lot, but it's the best method I have found for levelling up - now I'm level 394 legitimate and I stopped playing for two months.

If you want to level up, do rooftop rumble, then call for a helicopter pick up to deliver the package faster. you can get that mission done in less than 4 minutes if you keep everyone fast with 4 people. I can do it with my wife alone in less than 4 minutes