Scammed by player (I know his xbox live name)

I was playing fifa online and about ot play a game when i get a message from a player. he told me that he was fed up with fifa and that if I wanted his team to notify him. We talked in a party and he said how he was going bac kto fifa 11 and that it was better. He told me what to do and gave me an email and password for his suposed new team while he said he had to authorize the transaction. We played a quick game while he said the profile would load. he exited the game early deleted me s a friend and when i went to ultimate tem my starting american bronze team was gone. also my coins were gone but i had 3 trade notifications. suposedly i bought 2 contract cards for 20,000 a piece. which was odd because i only had around 3,000 coins at the time.  I dont want compensation as I feel i foolishly lost my team. However I want him to be banned. I know his name and I have the messages he sent me and a voice message.


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your own daft fault for giving out your detail's so you wouldn't get any compensation either way!

If you ask me an many others will agree you got what you deserve!

Fifa is ruined by hackers, modders, cheaters! Theres no other game in the world that has so many BS glitches.

I got a message from a guy aswell saying the same, told him what a thought of him and moved on with a smile, if you gave your details etc then you deserve what you got, take it as a lesson learned and play the game as its ment to

for all the idiots that give out there details this is where you team an coin goes,


its like ebay but the people there sell MSP which are tied to some on else's account!

Just type in microsoft points you'll be suprised :-o

Coming from someone who's been playing FIFA Ultimate Team since FIFA 09...Never EVER accept a deal that sounds too good to be true.  I remember back in FIFA 10 ultimate team there was a scam going around where people claimed that they could duplicate player cards with a program on the computer.  For example, someone was talking to one of my friends saying he could duplicate one of his good gold players, and that he'd do it "just to be nice".  The funny thing is, this scam was pretty common, which means a lot of people fell for it.

It's honeslty sad how some people fall for some things like this.

Report him to an XBox Live mod, it was stupid, but users do get BANNED for soliciting Emails and passwords off others.

If it sounds too good to be true then it usually is mate.

def report it

Sorry to hear that mate, but yeah never give out details no matter how good it sounds. Best thing to do now is report him.


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