Says Titan fall Expedition was installed But cant play it, and the funds havn't come out of my account.

I bought and installed titanfall expedition, but when I go to play exdpedition variety pack, it says I dont have the DLC, and my bank balance remains the same...?


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Yea I'm having a similar problem. Not sure whats the deal.

I have a sort of similar problem, I bought the season pass and installed the dlc, but the actual titanfall will not recognize the dlc install.  When I try to select the dlc only variety pack, it says that someone in my lobby doesn't have the dlc. When I'm the only one in the lobby

i had the same problem i shut the xbox off signed back in and it was there. i hope it works for you.

Yea this thread on the Respawn forums helped me Just had to do a hard reset.

When a download is complete always try launching it from the notifications globe first in the top left hand corner of the dashboard before playing the actual game hope this helps

I removed my disc did a hard reset by holding the power button on the console until it shut down and unplugged my console for an hour and when I plugged it back in!  My maps are working fine.  No need to erase and redownload anything!  The One is very sensitive you can blow on it and it freezes up.  

I brought titanfall deluxe edition and it only installed the dlc. It wont recognise my game