says im not connected to xbl

Game keeps saying im not connected to xbl, so can't play against friends , even though I am online and can plat if they invite me.


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I was getting that message the other day. Not sure what I did to fix it, maybe turning the phone off? I got the message all day and then it was suddenly fixed.

Either the above comment will fix it, or make sure your time settings are correct. I had a major headache trying to figure out the same problem with Wordament. Hope it helps :)

I have reset my phone but still get the error. What time settings are you referring to?

By the looks of the reviews for the game, quite a few people have the same problem. Same error for me on Nokia Lumia 800... Hopefully MS will get a fix soon.

I also have the Lumia 800. lol kind of ironic.

Just swapped to a Lumia 820 today from a HTC7 now I have this problem.

John James Burke

The problem (for me) turned out to be the time difference on my new phone. For some reason when I did a hard reset it set me back a few hours, wouldn't let me sigh in. When I fixed this I signed in fine.

John James Burke