Okay, there's a part where you have to save a girl in a box with electricity and water, and the door you need to open zaps you a bit.

However, my health is SO LOW the tiny zap just kills me!

I can't find a health hypodermic anywhere and you can't back track!

Any help? Cheats? Tips? Strategies?



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I'm pretty sure you have to turn the power off or something like that, i havent played it in ages

google, saw 2 game guide,theres loads online probably help you quicker

I was following a walkthrough video and the guy was able to get through because he had full health, but since Im so close to dead already I die and cant get through.

Yeah you may need to resart, as if you've used all the health then you probably won't find anymore. Look around the area though, you may have missed a desk or something that has one

I think we'll restart.

Probably easier, I think there is a save point reasonably close... its been a while since I played it sorry