Saw Halo 4 for 34.99 at Sams Club

According to their site the game is 54.99 but I was in the store earlier and saw it for 34.99 with a 14 day Xbox Live trial included. Not sure if this was just a manager special at the store I shop at but its definitely something to look into if you are a member and have not bought the game yet.

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Man, I feel real cheap. I still wouldn't buy it at that price.

I paid 45 for it on launch day and I still cant get past the second or third stage because boredom sets in

Each Sam's club is different. They don't share the same prices, but they're very similiar. You have to find one that actually takes care and updates their movie and game selections.

every sams club has different prices, doubt you can price match deals either :(

halo 4 sucks though, wouldn't pay more than $15 for it.

I'm sure we will see it on extreme sales/clearance racks in the next few months for around $10. Halo 4 was a terrible game in regards to its singleplayer portion, especially the story. Generic, boring, short and had crappy music. MP was alright, I guess.

[quote user="gameshoes3003"]

Man, I feel real cheap. I still wouldn't buy it at that price.

[/quote]Same here. Waiting for a better deal .

Still not worth it