Saw a gold gun yesterday

Someone had gold camo on the Scar. Looked pretty cool I thought. The gold looks like it did in Cod4, nice and shiny, a lot better than Black Ops imo. Has anybody else seen a gold camo on a gun yet? If so what gun and did it look sweet?


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i have gold for the pp90 and acr. badass

Yeah, that's at rank 80 I believe.

There are those that have reached rank 80 already?!!!! What, is it like 10 points and you rank up?!

That`ll be them that aint got a life lol,

Though i`ll get the game at the weekend and play the hell out it for the 2 days lol

you get the gold camo when you totally rank your gun up....

I have gold m4a1 :( Only gold gun so far, acr is next

Don't you get the Gold Camo for level 37 on your gun?

max gun lvl is 31 not 37 :) but that last level for gold is like 90k xp l0l