Saving my user profile to a USB flash drive. I NEED HELP.....

   I Recently got a second 360, and want to save my profile to a flash drive so I dont have to recover my account on my second XBOX every time. I went through all the steps recommended,  by XBOX support .  So what happens is I save my profile to the formated Flash Drive  and bingo it works great, but as soon as I take a break from the xbox, by turning it off,  i go to sign in and it gives me the usual message that this account is not valid. Now this only happens if it has been turned of for several hours.  If I power the unit off and then back on within a few minutes it has no problem signing in again. Like I said it happens when the unit is off for several hours.  Note i Have tried other flash drive and also my other unit and it still does the same thing.  Xbox support didnt know what the problem was.  Well if anyone has the answer or a suggestion i would be happy to hear it. This was supposed to be easy according to all the forums I read.  UGH!


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we are experiencing a similar issue.  Put data on flash after xbox formatted it, moved it fine.  After shutting off (and after deleting from xbox hard drive) and turning back on the xbox, the console states the drive must be formatted and all data will be lost.  I posted a question and will get back to you if I get this resolved.

go to youtube and watch a 'HOW TO' video