Saving and Save slots

Is anyone having issues with lost saves , and how the hell do you use the other save slots i seen during the initial setup of the game .

Is it normal to end up at original starter tower when half way across the map ?

 Is it not possible to save by a bloody glider and actually spawn there or anywhere else for that matter ?

At least the mission checkpoint system isnt to bad , but having one save slot for a game this big is insane 

Please tell me im missing something ....



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Only one per game, theres 3, SO you can have 3 different games going, Most of the game has auto saves and I think you can make your own benchmark saves to go back to IF you want, an they wont be overwritten by auto saves, but your only allowed ONE benchmark save. I have never re loaded a save on this game yet an Im on my second play through..

Uh i see about the 3 save slots , thanks .

It doesnt autosave while your running around killing animals skinning making a bag finally , then get killed on way back and end up at a tower with no bag /hides ....

Only auto's are in missions i thought so far ?

I just started 1st day but was already annoyed at losing so much , loot dont care about , but crafting gear u would think would save ...?