OK so I was getting bored last night or yesterday, an I decided to start up a new game on level 1, after getting to about level 30 this game seriously runs out of stuff to do, anyway just the day before I was trimming my save list an deleted about 200+ saves and I LEFT 4 saves as a Buffer and ONLY the one character "Rock"  was left an as mentioned with a good BUFFER of 4 saves before I QUIT to main menu an started a new game, NOW after playing most of the night an getting ready to call it a night, I decided to check all of my saves, GUESS WHAT my LEVEL 44 Rock character was GONE!  either it was over written or I don't know what the heck happened an the only other save was a level 28 old old character from a previous game "PILOT" that I deleted the other night.


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The save menu could have been organized much better.  Would have been good to split the saves by character instead of just one long list.

This game never runs out of stuff to do :)

Your save probably was over written by an auto, or you did it yourself without knowing. To manage my characters I have 3 separate save locations, my hard drive, my USB stick and the Cloud Sync. No risk of one over writing the other.

I thought it was only suppose to OVERWRITE in Manual mode, never had this problem in New Vegas & Fallout 3, an YES this game needs more stuff to do in the LATER Levels! we need a NEW DLC an SOON, why would it auto overwrite?  thats stupid! and I didn't do it myself without realizing or knowing it because it asks YOU  if you are sure you want to overwrite, and I am sure I didn't do that not once but  4 times..

Auto saves don't overwrite.  It makes a new one every time.  

And this game has plenty to do.  There's no way you've run out of stuff to do at level 30.  On my 2nd play through I've only done Thieve's Guild quests, and I'm at level 32 with about 3 of the guild quests left.  Have you done all the Daedric Quests?  Have you gone to the museum at Dawnstar?  Have you learned more about the Forsworn in Markarth?  Have you done the College, Bards, Companions, civil War, Thieve's Guild and Dark Brotherhood Quests?  Have you found all 8 Dragon Priest masks, and the special 9th one?  You might beat the main quest line at level 30, but there is no possible way you've ran out of stuff to do at level 30.  My first play through I only did the Main Quest, the Civil war, the Companions and the College, tons of exploring and dungeon clearing, and it got me to level 50.  You're missing out on a lot of the game if you can't find stuff to do...

Also, after you see the last save on your list, press down again.  I've noticed that the oldest save has a tendency to disappear off the list, but still be accessible.  Other than that, your save files might have somehow been corrupted and lost.  That's a bummer.  

hey that's what I thought but after last night, I think there is some kind of glitch on here, IF YOU DONT MAKE A NEW SAVE SOMETIME AFTER MAKING A NEW GAME THEN IT WILL OVERWRITE, After making the new GAME  I played it most of the night letting the auto save keep my progress, then just before I quit I went to go check on those saves, AND NONE of my previous Level 45 GAME was there! ALL GONE!  and I made sure to leave 4 or maybe even 5 saves from that game as a buffer, before QUITING TO MAIN MENU and starting a new GAME..

as far as ive seen, there are three auto-saves. these ovewright when triggered. then your mannual saves, which you must overide yourself. i personally manual save every hour or so, just in case, and when im done playing.

When i first started playing i got annoyed at the auto saves and deleted the whole row of saves....... then died. .......yeah........  NEW GAME.

they should have made folders, so all the saves that pertain to a certain charcter are grouped together automatically.

They should have the same "save" system as they have in "dragon age". I find it more organised.