Saved by a glitch

I was playing S.C.DoubleAgent yesterday and was having trouble with the mission where you have to seize control of the oil tanker.The captain is holding a lit flare and will throw it into the fuel if he spots you which then blows up the ship.After 30 unsuccessful attempts either I got lucky or the devs felt bad about the difficulty.The captain spotted me early and threw the flare but it didnt blow up! Instead of it dropping in the fuel it landed on the metal walkbridge.So the guy is still walking around looking for me as usual but no torch in his hand! lol Thats how I beat that mission.


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beginner's luck.

I would say luck yes but not beginners luck.This game is one of the most difficult ever.Try the mission where you have to assemble mines at JBA headquarters.Even with 5 mulligans I still havent finished a single mine yet.Could be the sticky thumbstick causing problems though.

Eww, why is your joystick sticky? I keep my controller mad clean. If just a little dust gets on it, I'll get a whole cotton swab and wipe dat sh*t off.

Congrats doe. Also, cool story, bro.

No-I mean sticky as in  worn out.The stick doesnt spring back to neutral position like it did when it was new.Its like I am locked in a constant struggle with my controller over which way my character moves.If I set my controller down my character will keep moving while I'm gone. Although I did spill chili on a controller once.

yea, you need a new controller. i have played and still own that game. when i first bought my xbox 360, my first 3 games where gears of war, condemened crimal origins and splinter cell double agent. it is tough in some area's.