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The SAVE GAME seems to be buggy and does not actually save your games. I had to go way back and do the same things over again, because the game did not save. Even loading a game places you in the past making you redo already completed tasks in the storyline. It is frustrating. Please check. Thanks.


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I assume this is related to the Dungeons & Dragons game? There are several posts regarding bugs and glitches but posting here will not get the attention of the games developer. Try their own website/forums and take it from there.

I have done this also. Thanks.

D&D Daggerdale

 Iam level 8 and got a glich where I lost 2 of my skills and cant use them did not get my skill points , so there just gone, there in my hot key but whwen I look in my skills there there to buy, but I did not get my points back, I try to ued iit and it looks like it will work but then nothing happons, they need to fix this , please repost this where it needs to be as I HATE the new forums dont know where to look stuff up.

Its something to do with the save system, it doesnt save that you leveled up,it'll show that you did,but the game doesnt recognize it.So the next time you use a skill it just deletes it. even if you level up and get skill points you cant buy it back. This same thing has happened to every character i've made at some point.

To me it seems like the save game problem is intentional. Once you start a quest it wont save anything until you are done with the quest. It makes dieing a little more personal, especially when you just got some end game items. I enjoy the extra challenge.

I hate inform everyone, but customer service just informed me its our problem. were suppose to take it up with atari. They gave me there customer service number. I never thought that microsoft would have to stoop so low as to sell products that never even worked in the first place on thier marketplace. But to tell you to take a hike and its not thier problem WOW.

Well, Microsoft didn't make the game. This is not like having a scratched disk that you can return to your local store. If a game has broken programing, then you need to contact the producer, not the distributer.