Save Files tied to Gamertag?

First off, sorry if this is posted in the wrong place. The new site layout is atrocious and I can't navigate through it at all. If somebody's gonna move it, please drop me a PM with a link to the new location. Thank you.

Now, I have a simple question: Are game savefiles tied to gamertags? When I got my copy of Fable 2 and it refused to run, I decided to delete and recover my gamertag, in hopes that the game works. Luckily it did. Now today I noticed that all my savefiles are gone, apart from the games I have played after that recovering thing and Fable 2 (all new games btw).

I have a HDD where all the saves are stored on and all of them are gone, all I played prior to Fable 2. So, if I'm gonna recover the gamertag again, would I lose my current progress on the new games as well? If that's not the case, why else would my files be gone? I can imagine them being tied to the tag as saves are listed with your tag in the HDD menu, but I'm not sure.

I mean, ****, all the time and effort I have put into the games are gone due to a game being **** enough to not run properly. I don't want to repeat this mistake again and wanna know beforehand.

Thanks in advance.


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When you deleted your gamertag you likely picked the "Delete Profile and Items" option. This of course deletes your profile and saves.


If you'd picked "Delete Profile Only" then your saves would have been left in peace.


Ps. You don't need to delete your gamertag in order to recover it. Just sign out and pick the recover option, then go through the steps as normal. This would prevent accidentally picking the wrong option again.

Damn, there is a "Delete Profile and Items" option? I must have not paid enough attention then.

Looks like it's all my fault then. Damnit. Thanks for the answer, it at least comforts me knowing that the console didn't decide to do this act on its own or something. *sigh*

Somebody can lock this then.