Save file vanished

My save file vanished without warning. I had just gotten to the third time you play as catwoman I believe. Has anyone else had this issue?


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I had the same issue, but after trying it again it worked. So hopefully it's the same for you, although I know going through the missions again can be tedious.

common problem this seems to be happening to alot of people i was 62% thou the game and was only a few riddles away from finding riddler so annoying and it seems to be random cos i always switch off from the menu screen

Probably did like I did and shut it off whie it was saving.  Didnt see the litte saving symbol and instead of cutting it off through the menu I shut it off with the xbox button.  Atleast thats what I think it was.  Weird thing is that I was at the same spot you were at when yours vanished.

Yea, not really dying to do another playthrough again so soon. Worst part is I spent a ton of time with the side missions and riddler trophies