Save data corrupted on first freeze

What aload of BS, thought id play thru the small pathetic campaign first, done hard ,done all the lame endings,only had 2 more assignments to do, go to play MP play a few games with the worst gun known to man MX4

The first freeze i got while loading up a MP map corrupted my save data:( good work DICE/EA


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That sucks, it doesn't stay saved in the servers or anything? I had it happen in the beta a couple times and the only thing it affected was any custom settings I changed such as controls or a/v. I mean with all the stupid loading and saving in this game you would think it's saved to one of DICE or EA's servers.

Its the forcing in shutting down that corrupts the hard drive, but you have no choice as the freeze locks the system up, the Xbox needs to go through the closing down procedures. I contacted Xbox support this morning and they confirmed this.

Correct me if I'm wrong but didn't BF3 have problems with corrupt saves as well? I myself don't remember having a corrupt save on it but I think plenty of others did. I only had the random freezes every couple games on BF3 but was lucky enough to not get a corrupt save on it. Seems a lot of people are getting both on BF4.

It only deleted my single player save and all my controller settings, Multi player wasnt effected being there server side based thankfully

Never had a prob on Bf3 either

Still a pain in the ***,i dont think i can handle playing thur again with irish/omar hes was terrible in this,i killed him first lol

i noticed alot of places you can get stuck on MP already also.. and one game it would make me spectate some team mate while i was alive on defuse !! then it would jump back to me

And some times the spawn menu would be dim or blacked out

good to see i am not the only one this happened too...

BF3 did have save corruption issues, but i never finished the campaign because its all about the multiplayer so i did the Co-Op and finished it for the extra unlocks.

now you get multiplayer unlocks from playing the campaign so i played it and it corrupted once and had to play it again. Still have to finish finding the collectables.

but i've gotten three new releases in the last three months and every one has locked up and froze and i've learned that i'm not the only user to have this happened with those games. I am suspecting it's something really to do with the Xbox 360s dashboard system that causes this. When i see the notifications icon pop up for achievements and when friends come online some time it lags with showing of the graphic, it never did that years ago with earlier versions of the dashboard.

I think that MS has plastered so many versions of the dashboard in the 360 that its got hidden bugs that cause it to crash with recent devoloped games. I really feel that the game developers don't ever play the game with older xboxs or even with and 360 or PS3 i've read about similar problems with the same games locking up and freezing the PS3 also, so it's a mix of poor developers and the systems them self.

It's not just the xbox that is having the problem. It's the same with PS3. Been that way since BF3. Random freezes happened for me then and it was on a brand new slim 250gig at the time. So it's not just an issue with older models of the 360. Just search google for BF3 or BF4 freeze and you will see plenty of people from both consoles and the pc that have and are still having the problems.

It happened again... had to redo all my controllers AGAIN

MP normal mode is complete garbage also, The boats are pretty much Invincible and the bigger PT boat took like over 10 rockets and stationary rockets to sink

The little bird machine guns are pathetic, do no damage to vehicles and can barely even kill one soldier

I havnt played one standout map either, not impressed with this game so far

3 x its happened now, all when you get freeze on MP loading map screen that happens alot, This game is GArbage , glad i rented it. No way im buying this buggy mess,im not going to even play the remaining days while hired

Have fun with your next gen 720p xbox one *** also :)

I don't own it anymore because the shop agreed its not a fit for purpose and gave my cash back. What ever happened to just putting the game in and playing?

BF 4 keeps freezing on me also and I have the 250GB slim with 145GB left. I'll be trading it in for the Xbox One edition for sure now.

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