Save & Quit = Freeze?

Anyone else having issues with this? I went to the Weapon Crafting Area to try out some of my new ideas and when I was done I tried to Save & Quit and my Xbox froze (this happened twice). So since I love my new ideas I went to Chapter 10 Marker Containment Mission since it places you right by a bench. I then recreated my 4 new weapons again, went to save & quit.... froze.

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Haven't heard of this happening. Thing is, many games can freeze on the 360 for a number of reasons. Try clearing the cache to see if it fixes it, perhaps? If not, make minor alterations to the weapon and see if it still occurs. If it doesn't it could simply be that specific load out might cause some weird issue when trying to save and quit.

No idea what the issue was but I deleted tons of custom blueprints I had so maybe that helped.

Hm, that could have been an issue, too. Maybe too many custom blueprints can bog it down? Hope it clears up.

It is happening to me too...I'm on chapter 8 and it has frozen about 7 times... I figured it was over heating and pit down the game for the night... I hope things work right later. :(

Do you have a lot of custom blueprints. I went too craft happy when the freezing started. After I got rid of doubles I had or weapons I didn't like it the freezing stopped.

The game is telling you to quit playing cuz you played the heck out of it. Nyahahahaa