Satchel Charge bugged?

Has anyone else had issues when throwing a satchel charge after you exit a titan, where the charge disappears after you throw it? Had this happen to me twice in about 5 seconds. Just wondering if its a lag issue on my end, or an actual bug in the game.

I also find that when I throw a charge while jumping, it occasionally goes haywire. Like it goes forward 5 feet, then 90 degree turn straight down.


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No , but I often try to toss one on a roof to get a guy and it drops on my face and blows it off lol.

I haven't noticed any bugs, but haven't tried throwing it while jumping from a Titan... was having some fun with satchel charges though when I needed the challenge for regen 3< I  think.


It happened again to me today, it seems to happen when I eject from my titan and throw a satchel at it to kill a rodeoer. Seems to happen more frequently with the LMG equipped, but today was with the carbine.

It appears on my screen as I throw the satchel, and instead of switching to the detonator, it switches to my weapon, and I am unable to detonate the Satchel.

you can detonate by double tapping "X"

Aware of that, but the satchel charge completely disappears, thus can not be detonated through any means.

^weird, maybe a connection issue. Not with you but with the server. I had it happen once to me where the satchel charge disappeared from the titan but once I jumped off and detonated it still blew up

No, though I had a weird occurrence twice last night where I got on a Titan, threw satchels, jumped off, blew them, and it said I was killed by satchel charges. I'm not really sure what was up there, if it was a weird coincidence where I landed on satchels or if my satchels killed me somehow.