Sat Coms are a great twist on uav

  1. Shows enemies in teammates line of sight
  2. Uav
  3. Faster uav
  4. Advanced uav

I like the added strategy involved with this reward. 


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Something had to be done about it. There was always a UAV up, so it's like it wasn't even a killstreak in the first place. It was always just there.

They should get rid of the SAT Com/UAV feature all together.  Then we will REALLY see how good people are.  =)

why doesnt my satnav show up on team death when i use it or do you need other satnavs from other players at the same time

Don't think most people realize but in FFA the Sat Com works as a normal UAV.  Also if you use the wire tap perk enemy Sat coms becomes YOUR Sat com too .  Pretty much gives you a UAV or better for the 90% of a match.

does that work on free for all, so thats how people can find me all the time

Great for MP but AI's don't seem to need them. They have a sixth sense about things.

I listed above how it works.  1 sat com only shows enemies that your teammates see.  2 sat coms = slow uav, 3 sat coms is a fast uav and 4 simultaneous sat coms = an advanced uav.

I'm ambivalent.  I got into HC mode for BLOP2 to counter some of the lag issues I had.  After a year I had pretty much taught myself to be a better, more deliberate player who didn't rely on the mini map as much.  This has helped me immensely.  Now I hardly even look at it.