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Sick of playing with players that don't have a mic? Sick of feeling like its just you vs the other team? Tired of looking at, or following, a support class around hopping they might drop ammo?  Want to be able to play and be able to enjoy playing the games you love?  Well S.a.S  is for you. We at SaS have two sides one is are ladder teams,where anyone can be on, and the other is are relaxed side.
S.a.S was founded by like minded gamers that want to have fun playing the games we enjoy, and never have to play alone. We tend to joke around alot but we never loss track of the game or of are goal of winning and looking out for each other. We have no set pratice times, and have very few rules most of which are revoled around respect for other memebers. We are run by are memebers. If are memebers have a debet on what or how are clan needs to be run it goes to are generals, which is a group of founder memebers and leaders of the clan.
On the ladder team side we call are selfs R.i.T here is alittle bit about that.
Traits of a RIT player:

-Members must have the ability to adapt to any and all situations on the run
-Members must have the ability to listen to orders
-Members must have the ability to play as support, recon, or ****
-Members must have the ability to understand and execute basic tactics
-Members must give good clean call outs (keep them short and sweet)
-Members must have the ability to hold there own, we have no time to babysit during matches
-Members must be willing to work with new players to help them become competition ready

Who we(RIT) are:

-We are members of SaS who compete on competition ladder websites (FR,GB,etc)
-Even tho we are called RIT, we are the competitive face of SaS
-As of now we do ladders for just BF3(360), but we do have plans to expand into other games
-Even though we take competition very serious, real life comes first. PERIOD.
-Anyone who wants to be a member of RIT must try out
-Anyone who doesn't make the team can still play with us when we practice, but they will not be able to compete until they pass tryouts

With all that being said we are willing to work with ANYONE that would like to be on the competitive team. No one will be turned away if they truly want to be a member of RIT. You must enjoy Competition. Yes, we want to win, but at the end of the day its all about having fun
If any of this sounds like you or something you would like to join either pm me or go to are website, look forward to seeing you on the battlefield


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