S&D - Pubstomping

Anyone interested in partying up and playing some S&D? I've been playing TDM and Domination for so long and I think some S&D with competent teammates who communicate would be a fun change of pace. I don't have a lot of S&D experience, but I have enough not to suck at it. Just with four or so average players we could win 90% of public games most likely.


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too bad I am at work.  This sounds like fun...

Same, I am at work. It has been a while since I played S&D with a full team.

I used to party up with Dom and some of his friends in SnD. We all rushed hard and the match/round would be over in like 30 seconds or less. Plus a win every game.

I've never played much Search, just a little here and there since COD4. Even less with a good team.

If anyone is interested, just send me a friend request and I'll send you an invite whenever I'm not playing with my usual buddies.