S&D Freeze

For the past couple of weeks my screen has been freezing in S&D whenever I look at someones playercard/gamercard. It freezes right as the match transitions to a new round.

My screen gets fuzzy, but i can still see whats going on in real time. I just can't move or do anything except hit the dashboard button. The only time i was able to escape was when the host quit and there was a migration.


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This has been a big problem. I first heard of it when a small kid kept yelling at me to do it so I would get god mode. I played along and told him that I looked at it and I was like "OMG what just happened to my game?!?!" He then started laughing and then I told him I faked it the whole time. Just don't look at people's playercards in game and you'll be fine.

Still annoying if you want to report said little kid for being a douche....

haha my friends were trolling people with it before. Some people faked sitting in the spawn because they knew about it.