Same old same old

Is there anybody left here who can make topics of intrest instead of the usual rubbish?


I hope Elite falls on its ***.


Ive bought the game and 3 map packs so far which does add up and when MW3 comes out I'll have to spend that at least again and more ££ for Elite!!


Yes I have a choice not to buy it but lets be honest , if people you played with bought it then its likely you would get it too so you can stil play with your friends.


Kotick see's the money  WoW rakes in through subscriptions but a mmo is a different kettle of fish from a FPS.





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Honestly this is a slippery slope.  The day will come when you want to play online you will be charged above the price of the game and Xbox Live Gold.  You have been warned.  


In the future, common sense will no longer be common.  It is one thing for a company to make money but to charge for every thing will only slowly kill a company.  Sadly that will not be acknowledged as a problem seen through the eyes of "corporate rose coloured glasses".

I want more maps but boy its expensive hobby this CoD. BFBC2 annoyed me at times due to lack of maps but was easy on the wallet. Knowing that everyone is playing larger playlists , feels like its forcing me to shell out for more maps. Plus I am not overly impressed with the maps atm.

I classify this subject as usual rubbish.


You shall be punished for buying the game and 3 map packs.

these forums suck

I like to just stare at that comment. "these forums suck"

Almost as genius as, "Posting sucks"