Same 5 teams when playing fifa 11 online.

Every time I play a head to head match on fifa I always seem to play either ma u, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Inter or Chelsea. In fifa 12 EA need to develop a system where you can somehow have a more varied online experience.It should match you up automatically with different teams. or, different game modes like COD where you can have rival matches like man u v man city and a chance to get more rankiung points like accrington v barca. Ea make a wonderful game, but can just ,ake it that bit better.

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Brasil, France, Nigeria, and 2 English clubs I can't remember at the moment.

It just gets so boring especially when im trying to get the achivement where you play 100 online matches

thats why u should only play friends or find someone who plays with alot of different teams... People always want to go to the powerhouses ..If they game only had the 5 teams u always play, people would btch about it still.... There should be a game lobby that has RANDOM TEAMS....

Random teams, thats it it would be funny if i was ike real madrid and my opponant was bray wanderes

Blah i have almost always used Portugal or Liverpool and i win with them because i live and breed that Portugal team when it comes to fifa but yeah people want to win online and you cant blame them

DKF, it is "I live and breathe". :P I play with Portugal as well! Great country. :)

Yes, I agree with SavageSatsuma99 here. I always see people picking the following:

FCB/RM/Chelsea/Arsenla/Inter.. basically all 5 star teams. It sucks. Then all they do is sprint around with the ball with no skill. It just sucks to play against those guys. Well from now on I choose to play with guys that pick lower teams only. At least you have a reasonable player then. :)

The funniest part is that lately I play with 1 star teams vs those 5 star teams and guess what.. I win! LOL.

Man that is funny. These guys just have no skill really. Some of them to but that is rather a minority.

I play ball like chess. They play ball like some yokels. No matter what formation they pick, you have to play the game like chess. They think they can own my team with a different formation, hah, keep on dreaming I say. rofl