Saints Row: The Third "Free-Fall Mission" Footage

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OMG!! That was so Effing Awesome! I am so pumped for this game. I can say I'm one of the few people that will be playing this over MW 3 come November. Enjoy the footage.



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saints row the third is gonna be more fun then any other game releasing this year atleast to me this vid just makes it so much harder to wait!

I know how you feel, the more I see on Gears 3 the more I cringe inside. But at least Gears 3 is coming in a few weeks versus your wait. I feel your pain though. I am patiently waiting for this too, and other games lol. And the more footage I see on this game, the more I can't get my hands on it as well!

That looked incredibly fun! The hand-to-hand combat looks excessively over the top, which is not a complaint when we're talking about Saints Row. The mission defied so much logic that I want to play it now! What other game lets you escape from a plane, before entering the same plane again and escaping it a second time?

Looks like I'm going to need to be pre-ordering this game right now!

I really like SR2 (and the first one for that matter) but there's something about SR3 that just feels, I dunno, like it's not going to be as good. It might just be the formula seeming a little too similar; and could in fairness be due to having not seen that much of the game yet.

That said I'm looking forward to the game and will be picking it up (once I've finished playing Skyrim).

They stole this thing hardcore from WET...literally identical..

I really liked the vid but I don't like the new look of the protagonist IMO.

[quote user="Bad Instincts"]

I really liked the vid but I don't like the new look of the protagonist IMO.


Well, you know you can change his appearance, right? :)

Well you know i was talking about Shaundy , Gatt etc...not the PC (obvious not?). Maybe was because i forgot the S when i wrote protagonist. Blah blah...:-)

Oh! Lol, Well I don't mind Gat, but I preferred Shaundi's stoner look.