Saints Row: The Third (No competitive Multiplayer?)

Been looking around and I can only find Co-Op mode. I played Saints Row 1 and enjoyed it, I liked how you could create a unique character and bring it online and show everyone your style and such. I also I enjoyed the competitive multiplayer as well. I skipped out on Saints Row 2 although I really wanted to play it. I'm assuming the single player is more intense and has improved tremendously by now so I'm still considering picking the game up. But did they really take away the multiplayer features and leave us with 2 player Co-Op and the initiation station features only?


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Volition stated a few months ago, that Saints Row The Third would have Singleplayer and co-op only, no multiplayer, to focus on making a more intense and deep storyline. So playing SRTT with a friend should be pretty good. The Initiation Station is the first dlc for the game, and I'm willing to bet there will be a few more released in the upcoming months.

I would suggest getting a copy of Saints Row 2 and having a go with it, as it is a good game and has a lot of improvements over the first (the multiplayer mode is ok... but the co-op mode does have a competitive mode to it). I'm hoping SRTT improves on that and from what has been released so far, SRTT is going to be great and... fun, something a lot of games don't know how to do anymore sadly...

Sounds good, thanks for the response. [Y]

After trying to get the multiplayer achievements for Saints Row 2, and with how immature some of the others playing are, I'm glad MP was cut from Saints Row The Third.

The multiplayer in SR1 was awesome but SR2 was just awful.

Does this mean you can no longer shoot your teammate?  Half the fun for me was throwing grenades at my buddy and watching him fly. Or satcheling up his car.

The online MP vs was never that good in SR.    So I am glad they put more resources toward the co-op campaign where the fun is at.  However I am highly against SR3 having an online pass.   Thats just rediculous for a game with only co-op campaign.  They should be ashamed of themselves and I can almost guarantee its not going to help their sales having that online pass crap.