Saints Row: The Third Initiation Station FAQ (Via

All, a FAQ was added to the Saints Row forums last night about the Initiation Station and I thought it might answer some of your questions here. Here is the link to it:


Via V-Singular (CM):

In this thread, I'll be posting up answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding the Initiation Station. I'll add more as I see them pop up.

1. When does the Initiation Station launch for everyone?
1a. November 1st, 2011.

2. What platforms is the Initiation Station available for?
2a. Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Steam.

3. I signed up for early access and haven't received my code yet.
3a. Early access codes started going out yesterday, but due to volume, it's been slower than expected. We apologize for this delay, but everyone should get their code soon.

4. Can I save my creation and come back to it in the Initiation Station?
4a. Unfortunately, no. We're not allowed to have data save within a demo, so to keep your character, you need to upload it to the website. When the full game launches, you can then download that character into your game, modify them in any Image As Designed, then re-upload it back to the website. Just to re-iterate, IF YOU QUIT THE INITIATION STATION WITHOUT UPLOADING, YOUR CHARACTER WILL NOT BE SAVED.

5. Is this all of the clothing, hair, etc. found in the full game?
5a. In total, the Initiation Station makes up around 80% of the final customization options found in the full game. We still have some more full outfits, styles, and looks to reveal, some of which are not here due to being included with the story missions as you progress through the game. Also, we have 7 total voices this time. There will not be any more voices added.

6. How do I get my character to appear on the website?
6a. First, make sure you've registered a myTHQ account using the link in the upper right corner. Once you've completed that, you'll be lead through a series of steps to link your account. PSN users must link their accounts on this website, while 360 and Steam users can do so within the Initiation Station. You can read more about it here.

7. How do I name my characters and allow everyone to see them? 
7a. Log in using your myTHQ account, then click on “My Steelport”. Once you’re properly linked to your account, select “Uploads”, and your character list will be present. From here, add a character name, some specific tags (Here’s a great primer on proper tagging), and then make sure to check the “Public” box. Once you’re all good, hit “Save”, and it’ll appear in the Character Gallery.

8. How do I search for characters within the Initiation Station? 
8a. We’re still working on a full search engine for the characters, but we currently have a tag search available now. If you go to any character and click on the tag of your choice, it’ll open up window containing all of the characters that have used that tag. Here’s an example ( If you change “female” at the end to be something else, you can find just about any tagged character. This is also why you should tag your characters properly.

Thanks all, and we hope you continue to enjoy the Initiation Station!


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i found the demo to be very stupid everybody expecting the game but no it was just character design only

Most everyone I spoke with knew this was a demo of the Initiation Station, not a demo of the game. Its been advertised widely over various sites as well as twitter to name just one. However, that being said, my complaint is mostly in regards to the entire login/linkup fiasco that is the Saintsrow website. Its so busy trying to have the latest bells and whistles in website code and graphics that its a complete mess to access. I found navigating a nightmare because if I scrolled up too high on the page - it would black out the page. If I tried to navigate using one of the links it would often generate errors and don't get me started on trying to access it off an ipod connected to wifi - no mobile version whatsoever.

But I digress...I attempted to create my character and upload him via the 360 only to find that the option to "link up" or "register" had gone missing. After my initial attempt to log in with my gamertag failed, I was told the name was in use. I figured I would visit the actual site and see if I had registered it in the past or if perhaps another user had it, but without the ability to locate a search option on their site I was up the creek on that one.

I then returned to the game to finish making my character, ignoring the option to register and link up, and when I was done I figured I would register then. Well now the option had gone missing entirely. I hit upload and it said connecting to site and then that was it. I then figured I'd exit the demo, and return to the option to register or link my gamertag and nothing - it was still gone never to return. Even the little I was able to make of their site offered me no clues as to if my character ever made it onto their servers. :(

Guess I'll have to wait until the game releases to rebuild it again or perhaps track it down....sigh.

u spend half and hour or more getting your character just right and u go to upload and it says there's a problem comeback later.  so all that bloody work for nothing what a complete waste of time.  piece of sh**.  they can't even get the preview right.  

[quote user="peakiamdeath"]

i found the demo to be very stupid everybody expecting the game but no it was just character design only


it was pretty clearly stated that it was a character developer, not a game.

Before people were talking about the character developer demo I was hoping for a maybe a single player demo  or at least the second or first mission  

Should also mention it's only available to people on Xbox with a gold membership.


I'll make charackter in initiation station, 2-3 years ago, i bui SR3, and try to linked my xbox account with THQ account, but it answered me that i have THQ account and want a password. This account i make couple of years ago and now email wich was used not exist. How delete this unworked account and make new, i try nothing help ?

If you've lost your email and can't remember the acount password, then there's probably not much you can do.

I would email the website and ask them if they can do anything about it.

Its really frustrating