Saints Row The Third: All Cheats

Avatar Awards

Oversized Gas Mask - Successfully complete the "When Good Heists..." mission. 
Saints Logo Shirt - Get the "Flash The Pan" achievement. 
SR:TT Logo Shirt - Create and upload your first character to the community site.

World Effect Codes

All the cheat codes in Saints Row: The Third must be entered using your cell phone. You need to press the "Back" button to bring it up, and then select "Extras" and then "Cheats". After that simply enter in one of the following cheat codes to activate the relevant cheat. Note that when you do activate a cheat, automatic saving will be disabled as well as the ability to earn any Achievements. You can manually save the game, although this is not recommended as it will impact your Achievement earning ability and may bring about other issues! 

All pedestrians are drunk: dui 

All pedestrians are mascots: mascot 

All pedestrians are pimps and prostitues: hohoho 

All pedestrians are zombies: brains 

Bloody Mess: notrated 

Heaven Bound (lets you fly apparently): fryhole 

Vehicle Smash: isquishyou

Weather Codes

Cloudy weather: overcast 

Rainy weather: lightrain 

Sunny weather: clearskies 

Very rainy weather: heavyrain

General Codes Including Money & Weapons

$100,000 cash: cheese 

Add respect: whatitmeanstome 

Add to gang notoriety: lolz 

Add to police notoriety: pissoffpigs 

Get weapons: letsrock 

Golden Gun (one hit kills): goldengun 

Infinite sprint: runfast 

No gang notoriety: oops 

No police notoriety: goodygoody 

No vehicle damage: vroom 

Repair car: repaircar

Vehicle Cheats

givemunicipal - Spawn a Municipal

givephoenix - Spawn a Phoenix

givesquasar - Spawn a Squasar

givetaxi - Spawn a Taxi

giveembulance - Spawn a Ambulance

giveanchor - Spawn a Anchor

giveattrazione - Spawn a Attrazione

givebootlegger - Spawn a Bootlegger

givechallenger - Spawn a Challenger

givecommander - Spawn a Commander

givecondor - Spawn a Condor

giveeagle - Spawn an Eagle

giveestrada - Spawn an Estrada

givegatmobile - Spawn a Gatmobile

givekanada - Spawn a Kanada

givekenshin - Spawn a Kenshin

giveknoxville - Spawn a Knoxville

givekobra - Spawn a Korbra

givekrukov - Spawn a Krukov

givemiami - Spawn a Miami

givenforcer - Spawn an Nforcer

givepeacemaker - Spawn a Peacemaker

givereaper - Spawn a Reaper

repaircar - Spawn a Repaircar

giverpg - Spawn a RPG

givesandstorm - Spawn a Sandstorm

givesatchel - Spawn a Satchel Charge

giveshark - Spawn a Shark

givesheperd - Spawn a Sheperd

givespectre - Spawn a Spectre

givestatusquo - Spawn a Status Quo

givetitan - Spawn a Titan

givetoad - Spawn a Toad

givetornado - Spawn a Tornado

givevortex - Spawn a Vortex

givevtol - Spawn a VTOL

givevulture - Spawn a Vulture

givewidowmaker - Spawn a Widowmaker

givewoodpecker - Spawn a Woodpecker

Weapon Cheats

givecyber - Cyberdestructor

givegrenade - Grenade

givechainsaw - Chainsaw

giveminigun - Minigun

givemolotov - Molotov

giveairstrike - Air Strike

givedrone - Drone

giverpg - RPG

givesatchel - Satchel

givekrukov - K-8 Krukov

giveultimax - As3 Ultimax

givehammer - Hammer

givetek - Tek Z-10

giveapoca - Apocafists

customize non customizable vehicles:

1. Take any customizable car, and drive into the mechanic. This could be a bike, car, truck, just anything you can customize. DO NOT take the vehicle that isn't customizable into the mechanic (****), as it will just say "Non-Customizable Vehicle" and obviously this would not work that way. I suggest doing this in single player as notoriety in this game is on and off, which can be annoying especially when your Co-op player is running around shooting people.

2. Go into customize mode on the vehicle you brought in. Remember this could be any vehicle that is customizable.

3. While in customize mode on the vehicle, select "Garage" option near the bottom. This will lead you to your stored cars.

4. Look for the car that is normally non-customizable that you want to customize. There is a lot of nice ones that you can do and I will list the ones I have done in a list below.

5. HOVER over the name of the vehicle you want to customize. Just hover, and what I mean by that is do NOT click on the vehicle. 

6. PRESS B (Back). This will lead you to a full customization process with the vehicle you couldn't normally customize. 

I hope that makes sense, and its clear enough to understand. Like I said its a very easy and quick process once you know how to do it. It is also easy to just take a starter (Customizable) car right from the garage and using it there instead of finding (Stealing) one

Before starting this, make wise choices. Obviously your changes will save and your car will not duplicate. Don't get mad at me if you tamper with your non-customizable cars and can't get them back to the original. Most of these cars are unique. You can always go back and make any changes you want as this is not a permanent process.

Car List:

These are some of the non-customizable cars I have customized. Feel free to post what you have, because if I haven't done it then it will be fun to customize that also. Adding torque, tire durability etc, is available for most of these and colours/trims/rims

Wraith: Not as much customization, body mods do not show up. The most noticeable thing is changing window tint and underglow. 

Gang Cars: Since these are based off of normal cars in the game you can change ALOT. Like colours and body mods. Its cool to have the star on the top of your vehicle when its not a gang car

X2-Phantom: This is one of my most noticeable changes. I have mine white with white underglow. The purple will always stay on the bike though. There is also limited body mods available

Saints buggy?: Not sure of the name of it exactly, but its unlocked from saints in space mission. You can change colours and body mods, and like I said in the top paragraph you can change rims etc.

Tanks: I have heard from friends you can also customize tanks but very limited. Haven't done it myself

Asp(Tank): This is the green tank, you can't change the colour sadly. You can add wheels though and I could see them (Blue) sticking out from the side.

Bear: This is a swat vehicle. I think you can only change rims and trim colour


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