Saints row IV teaser trailer

Forgive me if this was already posted here.

Saints row IV has been confermed for the 23rd of August for Europe and 20th of August for most other places.


trailer down there 


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There was info and a weblink to about this in the other Saints Row 4 thread... still, I'm a little curious about two things in the pic for the trailer above (The one with the Saints in a bullet ridden convertible):


A: The car has the seal of the US President on the door... implying that the Third Street Saints are the true power of the US

B: From left to right, looks like the Boss, Pierce, unknown gangmember, Shaundi, Kinzie and Viola... I'm curious about who that third male member could be, as we know it's not Johnny Gat and doesn't look like Josh Birk...

looks like Matt Miller maybe he will make an appearance. also do you have a link of the saints row IV forums I can't seem to find it (if the SRIV forums even exist )

True... it COULD be Matt Miller... but he looks more hispanic, and Matt's English (as well as 16 I think his age is... the third gangmember looks more like an adult). There's no Saints Row IV forum here on Xbox Live... probably not until May-July... closer to the release date of the game.

This trailer doesn't even look legit.  It looks to close to SR3.  

@iNb4 Ownage : The reason it 'looks to close to SR3', is the fact that what we've seen is footage from the cancelled expansion for Saints Row The Third, Enter the Dominatrix. Deep Silver didn't have the IP long enough to fully rebuild the game from the ground up for the release date of August 20th (August 23rd for the rest of the world), so they just utilized what they already had.

It comes from SRTT DLC; what did you expect?

And it's for that reason I'm a little wow, really, using what should have been DLC as a full retail game?

From that trailer, there's obviously more content (Looks like the Boss becomes President for one) in addition to Enter the Dominatrix. Guess we'll have to wait and see what new information becomes available between now and release date.

DLC was the basic concept. Now, it is a full-fledged game. The DLC, you could say, was the foundation for making the rest of the game.

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