Saints row audio problems

Anybody else having problems with the audio in this game, when in cars the music cuts out and just seems messed up. I hope this can be patched. 


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Mine does not cut out. But there are times when I am listening to my mixtape and the volume of the song lowers for a bit then goes back to normal.

Mine is doing the same thing too, im going to get it resurfaced, hopefully thatll fix it, i can let you know if it does

I've never had any issues with audio in my SR games.

Might be an issue reading the audio from the disk. Have you tried installing the game to the Hard Drive?

It wont install, it has a few small scratches on it, so imma get it resurfaced then try to install it again

I've had the problem where the menu music will cut out and then when I join a game, the menu music is all I hear and it just loops over and over again. I can still hear the character's voices, but in-game radio music is gone entirely.

same problem hear except after a while the A.I in the game would stop spawning or when i load a game my character would be shirtless or nude