Saint's Row 3 NO MULTIPLAYER??

Ok let me just say that I played GTA4 for the purpose of free roam. The reason is, is because I can drive around really fast and if I decide to I dunno, run 1 or 2 fellow online multiplayer people over I could. Or maybe pick another online multiplayer friend up in my car and I dunno, shoot a few online multiplayer people with my rocket launcher or maybe just drive around the city with a bunch of online multiplayer friends chatting with each other. It was fun because you had up to 16 online multiplayer people playing and horsing around. There were times when you would go into a free roam room and there would be 1 person ther...B O R I N G...

Thats what you have with saints row 3. You have 1 player to do all sorts of stuff with against computer driven citizens and enemies. I'm sorry but I purchased the game prematurely, I am trying to like the game but I like the idea of playing with a group of friends. I can only play with 1 other person and the dynamics of the game is completely scaled down.


Very dissapointed. I cant wait for GTA5


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I agree and the game is way too short.I only buy video games that has at least 60 hours or more of gameplay.

I agree with you but there is to many stuff going on at the same time in SR3 so it relay wouldn't help the game load everything at the same time  

I have beaten the game.Not sure I'm ready for coop mission yet.

Here R My Wishes:

1.Another Longer Saints Row

2.Multiplayer Included

3.More Maps

[quote]Taken from Wikipedia:


During an interview with X-Play after the release of Saints Row: The Third, THQ executive VP Danny Bilson revealed that Volition is already working on Saints Row 4. "Like any game, if you have a great creative core to it you just keep exploiting that core," he told G4. "For instance," he continued, "I know what Saints Row 4 is about and it is wilder than this one. It's a good example of how you take what you have and you ask, 'what could happen in the next?" added Bilson, without giving up any actual details.[/quote]


So SRIV is indeed underway. For those of you complaining about no multiplayer... so what? It doesn't add anything to the main story so 2 player co-op works well for SRTT... though I will admit I had thought that there'd be co-op achievements.

I didn't miss free all.  I was thinking longer game cause less time spent on ......for online.  I was wrong.

They cut mp because they couldn't fit it in before Christmas. Also they didn't do a good job with the multis before. The modes were fun but they never maintained it.

JaRizzz, it's well known that the reason MP wasn't made for SRTT, was because Volition flat out stated that they were going to focus for a more indepth singleplayer/co-op campaign and weren't going to add MP.


As taken from the Saints Row The Third official forums:


[quote]6. Is there competitive multiplayer in Saints Row: The Third?


6a. No. MP was removed so that the team here at Volition could focus on making the SP and Co-Op experience as amazing and over-the-top as we can.[/quote]




So MP was never intended for SRTT... (I recall having numerous arguements with others in the old forums about this very topic, even provided links stating the official stance Volition had, and was told I was making it up etc).