Sadface :( .

I just had the worst games ever , First was a Domination where all my team were "Uber 1337" quickscopers camping with ghost and going insanely negative and not capturing any objectives because they were going for 1337 360 montage clips , I backed out but was put straight back into the same game .

So I then looked fora game of TDM and my team absolutely sucked . After about 3 or 4 minutes my team had gotten 18 kills (12 of which I got) and the enemy team had gotten 43 , a Chopper Gunner and Dogs.

I know people are just going to tell me to get good or quit whining but i'm tired and I needed to rant about it.


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yea playin without a team can cause some irritating matches,  atleast in hardcore when they start runnin with the sniper rifles i just stab them in the back like a good teammate should.

 You are not alone on this one dude. I have been getting players like that a a lot recently. Tdm  i don't mind it so much but when it is an objective based game it really irritates me. Then you get the guy who says it's just a game. Sure it is but so is chess or poker. Do you willingly not play with the intention of winning at those games.

I think these kids played some sort of organized sport when they were younger and got trophies for coming in last place.

I am also a member of that club in your sig.


I just learn to deal with it now, I recently had a game where I had 1 good teammate and we still lost horribly when both of us combined were 54-17, the other 4 combined went 7-58. The annoying thing is that these guys are the ones who feed the other team killstreaks and they rarely bother attempting to shoot them down so they continuously feed the other team kills.


If I ever party up with people on my FL who still play this I have to deal with a 2 bar, if I play solo I have bad teammates occasionally. Oh well.

I feel your pain.

Same things always happens to me randomly as well. Especially in Search and Destroy where my team tries to do trickshots or tries to trap you in a corner the whole game.

aww im sorry I hate when that happends.

I cried before I read the thread  

must be great to be so special when everyone around is beneath you! how can we hope to ever become as gifted as you

What is this?! People can still have pics/links in their sigs yet my link to my Minecraft video (no profanity/anything bad) gets deleted?

The mods obviously hate minecraft.