Sad Panda Skyblazing

I now have a new level of hatred. This minigame is so utterly frustrating... Well, I'd be banned for life if I fully expressed my frustration.


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Heh, then you'll hate me as I actually did enjoy it lol. Getting the achievement for flying through the rings is pretty easy, though the Mascot one can be rather tricky. Best to go for it, in the easy one as you have 45 seconds on the rooftop before you lose and have to start again (The medium one, you only have 30 seconds and the mascots seem to run a little bit faster).

I got the achievement for the rings and the landing, but didn't enough score to finish... Trying for all the mascots is a pain. I get to the second roof and the hot dogs all scatter and I can't seem to get them all in time.