Sacred Seven (S7) is Recruiting (21+)

Our clan, Sacred Seven, is looking for mature and honorable members to join us.

Sacred Seven (S7) is more than simply a traditional "Battle Clan" who get together to play competitive online games, we are a fellowship of like minded players, who get together for the camaraderie and enjoyment of playing with friends who hold the same ideals and values of online play. We base those principles on the Seven Virtues of Honor, Justice, Courage, Compassion, Respect, Sincerity, and Loyalty.

We are looking to expand our clan and welcome in new members to play and compete in upcoming games such as Modern Warfare 3, Battlefield 3, Forza 4, Gears of War 3, and the upcoming Halo titles, not to mention numerous other multiplayer games. Specifically we are looking for mature and honorable players, those who may be looking to get away from the moding/glitching/trash-talking/griefing immature types who can ruin the online experience for many. We do have a 21 and over age limit, with members from their early 20’s to their 50’s!

If this sounds like something you would be interested in, see our web site at:

Sign up, and post in the “Join Us” forums. We hope to see you there and online!

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I hope to see many new members join up, as we have a great group now but can always use some new members. It's great playing with a full team of mature members who don't have to scream (or worse- sing) into their mics and work as a cohesive team to win an objective type game rather than just try and pump there individual stats.

I'm just hoping Battlefield will have a good system to get all the clan members together. The beta doesn't show as much as what is let on in the battlelog on (or, or whatever it is). That way we can run BF3, MW3, GOW3, and Forza full most every night- not to mention the off night poker tourneys where we tend to give away prizes!


always looking for new clan mates !!! with the big games coming out like BF3 and MW3 now is a great time to join a clan

BF3 is almost here so if your looking to join a clan now is the time!!!

head on over and join up  should be one heck of a good time this fall gaming season

I know Sticky, I can't wait.

Some of our clan mates are so excited they are getting 2 copies/versions- 360 and PC!

Plus, MW3 will be here before you know it. We already have a lot playing Gears too.


Tried to register, but didn't receive a confirmation email. How long does that usually take?

Hi question where do most members come from,

because I am Dutch.

@lurt are member are mostly in the USA but we do also have some stationed in germany

a few in the UK Canada, Mexico


we are always looking for more people and mw3 coming out soon so now is a perfect time to join up

Crazy week this week!  MW3 and Skyrim!  I can't wait.  Also for those of you out there still looking now is a great time to join.  MW3 drops tomorrow and we have an active group of guys ready to play.  It's gonna be great!

mw3 comes out tomorrow would love to get more people joining up!!!! should be some great times ahead of us


and join up today!!!

we will see you online!

mw3 MP is epic win head over and join us now and we will get you in the mix!!!!

see you online


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