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I recently purchased this game and decided to check out the multiplayer. I don't quite understand Conflict so I thought I'd try something I was a little more familiar with (Saboteur = Sabotage?). Anyways, I'm curious as to how you earn teamwork points. I think that's what they're called. Also how you get the teamwork advantage to win in the case of a tie. Thanks in advance!


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Teamwork points are earned for doing things that benefit the team. They include: getting Intel Assists (someone kills someone while you are currently marking them with Intel), kill assists, suppressing enemies with an LMG as a Rifleman, Data Hacking enemies, letting people use your Ammo Box, reviving teammates, getting savior kills, etc.

Conflict is exactly like HQ from CoD.  Except some of the objectives can change hands before they expire.  The team points are covered in the games manual, but it typically comes down to things like assists, capping objectives as a team, using suppressive fire tactics, hacking the enemy and using your equipment in a team friendly way (using the UAV/ammo box.  Conflict is great, give it a try.