There is a clip in my fileshare (because I don't know how to post it here) that I made last night. Title = S-WHAT?

It is of the early part of a game of SWAT. Shortly after the end of the clip there was a black screen, one of my team had gone, and game play was sort of normal (well, as normal as it usually is for me).

It is rather extreme but I get this sort of thing, to a much lesser degree, in most of my MPMM games.

Could someone please explain this?

Thanks for replies and apologies for being ignorant about some of this gaming stuff.


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As for the video, you must render it by purchasing Bungie Pro for 800 Microsoft Points.  That way people can view it on their computers.  As for your problem, if its network issues, the team mate that left the game was the "Host."  Typically, after the person with the strongest Network strength leaves a game the game tends to lag.

I find it hard to understand your question but I hope that helped.   :)

Do not purchase Bungie Pro until you research. Bungie Pro is being phased out until further notice (possibly until their next game release). I believe they are making render minutes available for purchase soon without purchasing Bungie Pro. More can be read on the matter on this page.

I thought that if Bungie Pro was purchased, it would stay forever anyway?

Nope, they were subscription based. I bought it when they discounted it. I got 6 months for 320 MSP I think. Good deal. But, since my subscription ends after the 15th, I'll get to keep my 24 File Share slots forever when I don't renew my subscription :D