Rush vs Conquest

I know people have been saying that Conquest is better then Rush and it is, but it is'nt.

Let me clear it up as I see it...

Conquest is the better mode however 90% of the players dont give a crap about capping flags. Therfore they camp or wh0re vehcles and are not contributing to flag captures, or working as a team to cover the person capping a flag. One time I was capping a flag and my squad member spawned on me, then just ran away... stepping over an enemy that was lining up a shot to kill me. Serious?!? Anyway with Conquest if played correctly is far superior to Rush. Unfortunatly you have selfish players playing it like GTA, as if there were no flags to cap, or throwing ammo or med kits for you to utilize. Barring the few that actually do play correctly.

Rush on the other hand is basically bomb, which in itself is a mediocre game. But the thing in BF is that the players are actually forced to work together. There is no choice but to be contained working to one goal. Even the selfish snipers are inadvertantly contributing to the common effort by whacking defensive players. The vehicle wh0res and kill wh0res who could care less about planting are contributing to the goal. So the few of us who play the game properly are actually having fun with the illusion (at least) of team work. Making Rush better but not really better then Conquest.



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Rush is 10x worse when combined with terrible teammates.

Going off the illusion of teamwork in Rush. You can say the same about Conquest or Squad Deathmatch/Rush or TDM. The only thing you have to do is get a group of friends together and join a 0/24, 0/16, 0/8 or 0/12 server. Then you will be able to get as many of your friends on one side. When I have at least a full squad plus one or two players. We usually can knock out long winning streaks in Conquest. No matter what the game mode you play on this game. It all comes down to having people that play like yourself or do something to help the squad or team. Plus, it also helps when you have long time friends playing the game also. Because you kind of know what they will do and you can help them.

All depends on the maps.  Some maps are great Rush maps(Oasis/BC1-Arica Harbor/BC2), but suck at Conquest.  

I like and play both and to be fair, both gametypes have more than their fair share of knuckleheads.

I prefer Conquest because it can be somewhat of an equalizer when one team is over-powering the other team.   If one team has all the flags, you can sneak behind enemy lines and grab a flag at the other end of the map.  Then the dominant team has to split up which weakens their base-r@ping ability allowing the weaker team to move out of their base.  In Rush, the weaker team doesn't stand a chance.  

Also, Conquest maps have more vehicles...

Playing Rush is only fun when your team is trying to cap the objective's and not sitting back sniping, I prefer playing Rush only when I'm playing with friends, CQ is great when I'm playing with randoms and at least 50% of the time we win, I have not found any problems with capping flag alone.

Conquest done correctly is 100times better then rush

the problem is, in BC1, BC2 and BF3 conquest is either terrible, or just mediocre.

BF2MC had the perfect conquest maps.

I perfer Rush, just my opinion.  Only time it really sucks is when your attacking team just sits back and snipes or when you are defending and taking mortar hits from attackers who you cannot get to or you auto die.

I like both equally the same but with Rush, there are some maps that have a overwhelming advantage for the attackers and vice versa.

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