Running into words that are words, that Alphajax does not recognize

Have been running across quite a few words that are in the dictionary that Alphajax does not recognize - like June - which is in my dictionary, and also a popular month of the year :-)

The latest was Exo - which is also in my dictionary.

I am also frustrated by the behavior of the game which only lists one word that may not be found - I would really like it to list all the words it does not recognize where you are making multiple words with a series of letters


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June is a proper noun.  Proper nouns are not accepted in the game.  I'm not sure about exo.  What is the definition and what dictionary?  In the past in this forum, the Alphajax team said that they won't publish their exact dictionary because then another game developer could steal it.  I'd also like to see the full dictionary, but that was their answer in the past.

The only definition of exo that I'm seeing in online dictionaries is a prefix.  Prefixes, abbreviations acronyms, proper nouns, and certain offensive words are not accepted by Alphajax.

My dictionary definition does identify exo as a prefix. Thanks for the clarification on prefixes and proper nouns. They don't have to publish the whole dictionary if they had a button for why a word was not accepted - or perhaps a list of known unacceptable words - like exo and June would be helpful.


sex is not an allowable word either!  Is there any way of getting words added that are real words?