Run and Gunning Cry babies

Run and gunners seem to b e the biggest cry babies. When a good defense is set up against them the cry foul.  The they start calling everyone campers.  Funny thing is once they get to the other side of the map they start cmaping in your base.

They complan campers are ruining the game.   I say run and gun crie babies are ruining the community and the reason no one wants to turn on their mics.


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rant over?

People have a right to complain........ I guess ?

Running gunning, sniping and camping.

Variety is the spice of life.

Without them the game would be boring

LMAO!!! They cry.  Now you're crying.  

Well this is a first ............ and you ruined it.

 I've always said how we never hear the campers crying about runners. Pull your sleeping bag up around your neck and have fun listening to them cry. Its one of the best reasons for camping.

by "good defense" u actually mean squatting in the dark corner directly beside the objective waiting for someone to put your campfire out right? mostly a run n gunner but only complain about campers do it the entire match or have to use a launcher to get their kills

there's many different kinds of campers, spawn campers play mostly objective games making it harder for their own team to win, corner campers or window hogs are just the same. caravan campers get a kill and move to the next camping spot.

you play how you want, and i don't complain or write hate messages but if you are a camper why do you play objective games knowing your not even going to try to cap the objective?

why do you play to lose just so you can get some effordless kills? i think campers camp because they are not very good, so instead of getting out there and learn some good techniques they keep to sticking with their usual camping tactic.

in other words,

no-one cares if you camp in the right game mode, if you are a camper than stay away from objective games and let people play it who actually want to win the game/match.

I am mostly a run and gunner.

I do not mind if half of a team camps.

I do not mind if a player is not very good, and camps because they have no alternative, or maybe they are new and don't really know the maps.

I DO mind if a team of 5 or 6 pops into a lobby with like 2+ k/d and they play the map in such a way that LITERALLY no one would kill anyone until we walk into their sightlines.

It is a totally fair syle of gameplay, but it does bother me when a player with a high K/D makes his living by hiding in corners waiting for you to kill his 2 friends, start to reload, and then shoots you from behind. THEN he moves to a different corner and waits for his next victim. It works I guess, but it still makes my blood boil.

There is only one map where I snipe and when I snipe I am not running around with an Acog scope on my rifle.  I'm planted right by our bomb site and I pick people off left and right who try to plant or get in our spawn.  I was actually called a camper because of this which I feel that if you are using a Sniper class then you need to plant your @$$ and be a sniper.  

If it's the really small maps like Dome or Carbon then it's a SMG class and a full on run and gun.  

There is basically a time and place to pitch a tent and get out the marshmallows and there is a time to run and gun.  if everyone did the same thing the game would get old.  You need some different type of game players.  

Without run n gunners the game would be a complete joke.  Careful what you wish for.

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