***rumor*** Xbox One increase clock speed and the RAM to 12GB

Microsoft has shown that it is willing to react quickly to the feedback received about the Xbox One. When gamers started getting angry about the mandatory Internet connection and used games restrictions, Microsoft dumped them and promised a more open system. But there’s been another area where the Xbox Onehas lagged behind the PS4 on paper: hardware specs.

While the AMD processor inside both machines is thought to be pretty evenly matched, the PS4 pulls ahead in terms of the performance of the GPU and use of GDDR5 RAM, Apparently, Microsoft has also decided to react to that and is improving the hardware inside the Xbox One in time for the launch.

The rumors point to two possible changes to the hardware. The first is an increase in the clock speed of the GPU, the second is a shift to include 12GB of RAM instead of the currently advertised 8GB.

The increase in GPU clock speed seems the more plausible and widely believed rumor of the two. And by doing that the overall performance of the Xbox One should get a nice bump. The increase in RAM seems more far fetched, though, and might be a mistake related to the dev kits.

Xbox One dev kits ship with 12GB RAM on board, but games are being developed using 8GB as an upper limit and 5GB of that dedicated to games. Feedback from developers is that they would like more RAM to play with, but adding an extra 4GB to the system this close to launch would up costs and potentially slow down manufacturing. However, moving to 12GB would certainly help long term for games developed a few years from now, although launch games would likely use no more than 8GB because that’s the limit developers have been working to.

There’s also every chance that if the 12GB rumor turns out to be true, Sony could upgrade the PS4, who’s to say they haven’t already? If the advertised PS4 will ship with a profit built into the $399 price point, taking a small hit for 4GB of extra RAM wouldn’t be a difficult decision if it meant matching its main competitor.




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let me know when they they decide to ship units w/o kinect and drop the price by 100

It's not so much how much RAM and what kind it is, as it is the other supporting components on the board, how it interacts with the CPU, and how the software and firmware/microcode/etc are optimized (or not) for that particular hardware.     Raw specs mean little (unless there's a half year to two years between them obviously).   And until there's an amount of time writing games for the hardware, it's difficult to tell how it will turn out.   But 8 years newer hardware is a big jump.

Kinect is gong to be an integral part of the ability for game designers to have a unified hardware platform to work with, no some people have it and some don't.   So it's unlikely they'll be doing that.    Maybe you can pick one up used in a couple years or something.

no thanks-ill just get a ps4

I'm with Apoc on this one, once you said, " always on" and "must have kinect," you lost me. Even if you're trying to take it back now I simply won't believe you.

PS4 is not an Windows operating system and ALL information will have to be "translated" while gaming, which may slow things a bit, but not sure.

Doesn't Sony use Linux?

I dunno exactly, I just know its not Windows and everything has to be "translated".

Sony could be using BSD with the same 3gb os requiems as the One www.eurogamer.net/.../digitalfoundry-ps3-system-software-memory with 4.5 gb of ram left for games


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