Rumor: Super Smash Bros Clone Coming To Next Console.

So I heard that there will be a new game similar to the Super Smash Bros series coming to the next console but with Sony and Microsoft game characters, just imagine this:


Nathan Drake vs. Alan Wake

Kratos vs. Master Chief

Jak and Daxter vs. Banjo and Kazooie


It could be possible but I'm not sure how is this going to happen, perhaps Microsoft and Sony teaming up for a next gen console? So what do you guys and girls think about this?


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I doubt Sony would allow they're characters on Xbox 360.


Even if so, why not this generation, Its not going anywhere soon.

MS and Sony would never team up for a next gen console. No competition = no drive to be the best

They already did it---it's called Small Arms, and it sucks. Kinda like Smash.