Rumor: GTAV Delayed Because Of Threats From Government

This is 100% rumor with no source to back it up. Just something that's being peddled around the Interwebz.

Allegedly, in response to the Sandy Hook school massacre, lawmakers are putting pressure on developers/publishers like Rockstar and Take Two because they actually believe in the notion that videogame violence causes real world violence.

Personally, I REALLY, REALLY hope there is no truth to this. Not just because I find it unconstitutional as it is against the 1st Amendment, but because, in the past, Rockstar has NEVER bowed down to controversy. If they start now, they'll lose their integrity as a developer.


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Grab my tinfoil hat, I No Way I!

A good term for it is "scapegoating".

Bravo Hellfire. It's the irreverence to all that I admire about R*. I'm hoping there is even more parody in this release. Not that there is not in GTAIV, but it is a huge part of the attraction to this game for moi, and there are a fresh crop of groups, politicians and other assorted idiots that need to STFU.

R* does not lean right or left, they let both sides have it with both barrels. This appeals mightily to my inner Marine. No one is safe from R* barbs and that is the way it should be... Keep it coming people.

Well, I guess they did just blurr out the executions in Mahunt 2, just for fun......

They ruined the Manhunt sequel because of such idiots, WOW awesome, blurred out executions!..............I am not even close to a violent person, but that game was and it's executions were.....awesome!..

Violent video games don't kill people; people playing violent video games [and are silly enough to be influenced enough so that they go out and recreate/imitate the game] kill people!

*cough Piers Morgan *cough*

^Sadly this is very correct.

Liked that you used a game to pretty much sum the Government up, if you haven't played Max Payne 3 do so, its a alright game, not my style but still good.

Yup, I like controversy and lets be honest most TV shows have much more controversial content in them, Baits Motel a dog got ran over, and Walking Dead s small child was shot in the head first episode. So... I don't see the issue with Video games if TV things are more intense. (My thoughts)

[quote user="I No Way I"]

Its a fake Government threat to get us gamers upset while they take away all our other rights... didn't fool me...

[/quote]ORRRR -- It's a BS rumor started by an idiot who runs a blog that figures starting a BS rumor in regards to one of the most anticipated games of the year will get his lil website a ton of hits/views.  Not everything is a government conspiracy, peeps.  The government has far more pressing things to go around covering up than a silly video game.

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